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Steve Muehler - Commercial Insurance - Lawyer / Attorney Malpractice Insurance. From malpractice accusations to data breaches to employee accidents, a Law Firms of all sizes need to be prepared for the potential financial impact of a multitude of risks. 

Our Targeted Market Segments:

  • Attorneys

  • Defense Lawyers

  • Law Firms

  • Law Practices

  • Lawyers

  • Legal Counsel

  • Legal Practices

  • Legal Representatives

  • Prosecutors


What coverage can professional liability insurance provide for legal professionals?


Incorrect or poor advice:

Lawyer who gives a incorrect legal advice or misses a legal filing deadline could end up worsening a client's case. If that client sues and you don’t have proper coverage, you could end up paying for a legal defense with your own assets. Professional Liability Insurance can cover expenses related to the lawsuit, including judgments and settlements.

Accusations of negligence:

Lawyers are highly susceptible to claims of negligence. For example, a client could claim that an attorney's neglect of a case caused harm to a client. If the client files a lawsuit, Professional Liability Insurance can cover legal expenses, such as the cost of hiring an outside third-party attorney.

Mistakes or oversights:

Even if a claim is frivolous, an alleged error could still result in a costly malpractice lawsuit. Professional Liability Insurance can help pay for your legal costs, including attorney’s fees and court-ordered judgments.

Other important policies for Law Professionals:

While Professional Liability Insurance guards against work errors and negligence, it does not provide complete protection. Accidental injury and property damage are daily risks for any healthcare business. Other policies to consider include:

General liability insurance: This policy can pay legal expenses related to patient property damage and injuries, along with advertising injuries such as slander. 

Business owner’s policy: This policy bundles general liability insurance with commercial property insurance, often at a lower rate than if the policies were purchased separately.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Required in almost every state for businesses that have employees, workers’ comp can cover medical expenses for work injuries.

Cyber liability insurance: This policy helps healthcare professionals survive data breaches and cyberattacks by paying for recovery expenses and other associated costs.

Below you will find a link to our General Lawyer Professional Liability Insurance Application Form. In an order to "Get to Know You and Your Business Better" please complete as much (or as little) as you feel and send to us. This will allow us to have a general knowledge of your business before scheduling a time to speak (phone or video conference) or to meet in person.